Back and Forth.

Me, Mike, and Asher went on a trip to Nashville,

then Daytona Beach,

then Hobe Sound,

then Miami,

then Jacksonville,

then Savannah,

then D.C.,

then Baltimore,

where we went to Daniel Shea‘s solo show at MICA and hung out with him for the night.

It was good to meet him, Joe, and Ramsey finally.

Here’s some 4×5 shots from the trip. There’ll be more once school slows down a bit this week compared to last week.

Somewhere in PA.

Hobe Sound, FL.

Washington, D.C.

More soon, I hope.



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2 responses to “Back and Forth.

  1. Suzan

    You are travelling quite a lot, or so it seems! I’m envious… Wanna get back to the States again!
    The first frame kicks ass! I love it when people have such an eye for random or seemingly uninteresting subjects and make them interesting by capturing it.

  2. new work and website look awesome, congrats. i had an awesome time, i look forward to morw of it in the near future.

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