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Hey again,

I wanted to post some more shots of what I’ve been up to lately, and some of the gang here.

I’ve been notified by the photo nerdry (Rob and Trev) that the files do look weird. I’ve also been notified that they are coming out to visit me in December for a friends-travel-across-Europe-for-New Year’s special event. Yes!

I understand and apologize for the scans and mis-calibration. But anyways, here are a few of what I’ve done lately.

Here are my buds in the painting studio, we hang out here because it has a heater.

This is Mike at my computer while we were getting discouraged at how many great calls for work we’re missing out on while we’re here. Everyone should take advantage of those, you have nothing to lose! I’m going to do my best to try and submit, but we will see.

Check these out and submit! Really good opportunities here to get your work seen by great jurors.

Around the Coyote

Critical Encounters: Human/Nature

Trapped in a Nutshell

Take care,



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Back from Dublin.

We got back from Dublin on Saturday night and took it easy after the party that is Dublin. At night in the hostel, it was difficult to figure out if I was dreaming that exact situation or never actually slept.

On Sunday, Keelie, Mike, my photo teacher, and I took a trip exploring ruins and abandoned places around Ireland from 10am to 7pm or so, it was grand.

This is the mansion at Mountshannon ^. We weren’t supposed to get close since it actually is someone’s backyard, but I’ve got a 4×5 with a 210mm shot coming soon.

This is from inside a house in Finvarra, it used to be the property of a wealthy landowner in Ireland, now it is kind of the centerpiece of a farm.

We just happened upon a seemingly abandoned house that we wanted to check out, so we did and it looked as if someone was still living there, in the seemingly unbearable conditions. There was a jacket on the chair, paperwork on the table and everything, new kettle, new pots, and fresh tobacco smell. So we got out of there fast, the picture above is part of the backyard.

Here are some of the other pictures I’ve worked on over the weeks. I kind of just began with photographing trees and I’m going to be working on a self portrait project over the rest of my time here mostly on the mountain alone, including sleeping up there by myself. I’m psyched.

This is when I saw that male mountain goat behind me; the self portraits won’t look like this one.

Here are the first two I made:

In other news, I’ll be in Galway on Thursday participating in a group performance art exhibition? Should be interesting. Then on Friday I leave for the weekend to stay with an Irish Family in Tuam with my friend John.

I hope things are well with everyone. Again, I’m curious as to what everyone is working on! Let me know, if you have time to. Mike Meyer was the only one to actually respond to that question, haha thanks Mike for leading by example.

Take care,



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Hello again.

I hope all is well with everyone back home, things are going well in Ireland.

Yesterday Mike and I had lunch on the mountain behind school,

Nutella and Crunchy Peanut Butter sandwiches, cigarettes and a candy bar. It was glorious.

Mike then went back to develop and I went on to photograph and climb to the top. I’ve been making it up the mountain 2 or 3 times a week.

Being totally alone on a mountain is pretty incredible.

I got to the top and found this guy, I only brought my 20mm lens here so it’s hard to see him.

There he is.

He walked off and I started heading down the mountain because a storm was coming, but then we met again another 100 feet down but at a much closer distance.

Then we just stared at each other for about 20 minutes while I listened to the new Sigur Rós album, which by the way is amazing.

Here’s a really crappy scan of a quick test print of one of the photographs I’ve made recently.

No Imacons here guys; we do have mountains and wild goats though which is pretty cool.

Hope everything’s well with everyone, feel free to keep me posted on what projects everyone is working on, I’m curious! Take good care,


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