Back from Dublin.

We got back from Dublin on Saturday night and took it easy after the party that is Dublin. At night in the hostel, it was difficult to figure out if I was dreaming that exact situation or never actually slept.

On Sunday, Keelie, Mike, my photo teacher, and I took a trip exploring ruins and abandoned places around Ireland from 10am to 7pm or so, it was grand.

This is the mansion at Mountshannon ^. We weren’t supposed to get close since it actually is someone’s backyard, but I’ve got a 4×5 with a 210mm shot coming soon.

This is from inside a house in Finvarra, it used to be the property of a wealthy landowner in Ireland, now it is kind of the centerpiece of a farm.

We just happened upon a seemingly abandoned house that we wanted to check out, so we did and it looked as if someone was still living there, in the seemingly unbearable conditions. There was a jacket on the chair, paperwork on the table and everything, new kettle, new pots, and fresh tobacco smell. So we got out of there fast, the picture above is part of the backyard.

Here are some of the other pictures I’ve worked on over the weeks. I kind of just began with photographing trees and I’m going to be working on a self portrait project over the rest of my time here mostly on the mountain alone, including sleeping up there by myself. I’m psyched.

This is when I saw that male mountain goat behind me; the self portraits won’t look like this one.

Here are the first two I made:

In other news, I’ll be in Galway on Thursday participating in a group performance art exhibition? Should be interesting. Then on Friday I leave for the weekend to stay with an Irish Family in Tuam with my friend John.

I hope things are well with everyone. Again, I’m curious as to what everyone is working on! Let me know, if you have time to. Mike Meyer was the only one to actually respond to that question, haha thanks Mike for leading by example.

Take care,




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2 responses to “Back from Dublin.

  1. JA

    Great Photos Matt – have a great weekend!

  2. Suzan

    Dude, what a landscape! Amazing. I can imagine the shift of surroundings really brought a new impulse to you photographywise.
    Gotta say I love this frame:

    All is well here. Since you asked – I’m doing the Master Photographic Studies now and I’m working on developing a platform for the new photographyproject of Robert Knoth on the opiumroute from Afghanistan through Europe.
    A personal project going on right now is working towards the exhibition I have in 2 weeks. You knowing… selecting, printing (I put up my darkroom again), framing, writing captions, an introduction, making businesscards…
    It sounds all a bit fancy when I write it down like that, but they’re just small projects that keep me occupied 🙂
    But first I’m gonna party in Amsterdam tonight!!

    It’s great to see what you’re up to, hope you will keep up with the bogging regurarly.

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