Digital Reunion.

I decided to dedicate the past few days to using my digital camera because I’ve realized I basically lugged this heavy machine here for no reason.

I’ll give you a synopsis starting from Friday morning.

Friday is a great day of the week, most of the undergrads have Irish Studies class with Gordon D’Arcy, geologist, archaeologist, published writer, walking encyclopedia, a Renaissance man.

We start at 9:30 am with a lecture until 11:30, then have lunch and take off to a place in Ireland that exemplifies the content we discussed in the previous lecture.

This week we went to Corcomroe Abbey,

and the Kilmacdough round tower.

This (above) is Robert, he’s the campus coordinator. He overlooks and fixes every problem the school or anyone has, ever.

This (above) is George, he is the main driver during the Irish Studies classes. He may not look it in this bad picture, but he’s a really nice guy.

Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad so the day was cut short, but here are a few pictures of that day.

This is my friend Anna ^.

Gordon teaching ^.

Graves in the Abbey floor ^.

Gordon ^.

After class, everyone got back to school, went home, and took immediate naps. Friday was a really easy night, just came to school and drew for awhile with my friend Eliza. Then went home and passed out again.

Saturday morning was the beginning of the unbelievable weather for the rest of the weekend. Me, Lizzie, and Eliza went to the farmer’s market around 10 and got some great supplies for an awesome meal we planned to make later in the night.

When we got back we were skeptical about climbing the mountain because it had been raining literally nonstop for the 5 days before Saturday. But luckily, we decided to do it anyways.

We decided to stop and rest for awhile once we got to the top and found this valley that blocks the wind and has a mysterious wall going down the center of it.

Eliza ^.

Lizzie ^.

We kept walking and found this area that resembled the moon.

We then decided that we were just going to go all the way to the ocean and figure out if it would be possible to climb down that side.

The weather cleared up right when we got to the point of seeing the water.

Then we watched the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen.

We climbed down the side of the mountain in darkness because of watching the entire sunset, which proved to be really difficult, but completely worth it. After getting down, we had a few mile walk home.

We got back and made pasta with a chili tomato sauce with stuffed olives and garlic bits added. Then made garlic bread with this sundried tomato loaf I got in the morning. It was amazing, well worth the wait.

Our plans for Sunday were to go to the city of Galway to meet Eliza’s sister to bring her back to Ballyvaughan but she unfortunately never made her flight because of passport problems. Having already booked the hostel and needed some supplies for school, we ended up going anyways.

We walked around in the still beautiful weather until we got hungry and then ate at some “Rodeo” something restaurant that turned out being great food for a good price.

We stayed at the “Sleep Zone,” €8.99, free coffee, tea, and internet, yes!

After dinner, we went out for a few pints at the Bierhaus and the Blue Note, two great pubs.

This morning we took the 10:30 bus to Ballyvaughan, the great scenery and weather continuing through today made for an great end to the weekend.

I’ll be sure to put the images not taken with a digital camera up on here as soon as I get them developed.

Take care,



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