I’ve got some new work to put on here. However, the photography has slowed down a bit since the weather is getting progressively worse here. The majority of the time it is raining. It’s hailing right now.

Oh! Also, for anyone who was a little curious about my whereabouts, my Dad found this map that totally describes the location of Ballyvaughan and my school.

So here’s some new photographs, some people have asked how I have been taking these.

Some are taken by my friend Lizzie, who has a Drawing concentration here. It has been so great that she has been so willing to help me; I think it also worked out with her background too because I didn’t really want that kind of help from anyone familiar with photography.

The rest of the images were taken by myself, I devised a hundred-meter shutter release cable out of fishing line that I tie the end in a knot and weave it into the release on the lens. The tension of the fishing line is just right, it pulls enough to move the release and not the camera.

So yeah, here’s some new ones.

Oops! ^

There are those, I think I’m only satisfied with the first few. I figured I post the most of them though.

Also, Ryan wanted everyone to “check out my fuggin’ haircut… Jaeguh bombs.”

Unfortunately, no one could find any Bee Gees to play that night.

That’s it for now,



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