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It’s getting cold out.




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A night in Tullamore, a day in Galway.

Sorry about the delay on the Charleville Castle pictures, things have gotten a bit hectic lately.

So, some explanatory news:

The work I did on my brother will be showing in L.A. during the month of December at BoxEight Studios. My friend Kristen just started working there a few months ago and wanted me to be in a show she is putting on, so thanks Kristen!

On their website, I think it’s just their photographs from the fashion week they held there, I couldn’t find the details of the actual gallery that used to be on their old site.

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in Tulca 2008, a large arts festival held in Galway.

Myself and 19 others will be part of a re-imagination of Allan Kaprow‘s happening ‘Travelog,’ 1968, led by artist and curator George Bolster and performance artist Ainé Phillips.

This re-imagination is only one of many others happening around the world. Descriptions of the others are shown here and all documentation of the event will eventually go into the Museum of Contemporary Art in L.A.

Now, with the weekend at Charleville Castle…


That’s a photo taken from the Chapel on the castle grounds. There’s no position you can see the entire castle from the ground. It’s quite extensive, but the facade hides that fact.

When we arrived we congregated and set down our photography gear in this room, where some of us slept. All of us were supposed to sleep in there, just some of us never slept.



The door on the right of this photo leads into the “Red Room,” photo of the ceiling shown below.


This is essentially the guest bedroom, where our professor was supposed to sleep. She opted out of that being that the room is the most haunted in the castle.

The room was once used by the free masons. The placement of the room was specifically chosen based on the positive and negatively charged towers, it’s in the center of the two. When you hold a metal necklace or locket directly in the center of the room, it starts spinning in a circle, and eventually then moves in the direction of the free masons star shown in the ceiling in the photo above. Pretty cool.

The TV show “Most Haunted” did a show on the castle that is pretty ridiculous but gives you some good background information on the castle and you can see video of some of the rooms I’ve photographed.

Keep in mind the blue lights and set up candles they have in the episode are not usually there. Anyways, here it is:

So to go on then.

When we arrived we had to sign waivers on our safety and accessibility to go off on our own on the property as the castle is entirely volunteer run. Then, Dudley, one of the caretakers of the castle, took us up to the top of one of the bottleneck towers so we could see the grounds of the property.



It goes out to the other side, as well, but apparently I didn’t take a picture of it? Oh well.

Afterwards, we had the freedom to roam and photograph until dinner. I’ll post a few of them on here but you can find the rest on my flickr page.

Here are some.




This last one is in the library where the free masons would hold some of their meetings. A few of the students who came along did a seance in here around 3 am. They got a few bangs and knocks but nothing else.

Here’s another of the library.


We then ate an amazing meal in that first congregation room, they catered well to us vegetarians. It was lovely!


We decided to appropriately eat dinner by only candle and fireplace light (as would any person in our situation or typical scary movie).




After dinner, we had free reign of the castle until the next day at 3:30 pm. We were free to go (basically) wherever we wanted.

I wandered off to photograph for awhile and then we later reconvened in one of the ballrooms around 1 or 2 in the morning.


Then my friend Anna did a performance with the help of my roommate Lizzie. It was really great.


(^Those pieces of white paper strung up by the window for Anna’s piece were found meticulously folded into fours on the floor by the end of the performance. Anna didn’t do that.)


I spent most of my night in this room, one of the reading/living rooms of the castle.



Lizzie, Eliza, and I hung out together drawing and talking throughout the night in there. We’re not totally sure if it was a reading/living room. We deemed it “the candle room” because again, it was only appropriate for us to spend our night in there by only candlelight.



I wish I would’ve photographed the ceiling in there, it was incredible.

Well, most of the ceilings in the castle were incredible.

This is the main entrance ceiling.


Every room’s ceiling was completely different but equally as elaborate. Here’s a better picture of the ceiling in the ballroom where Anna performed. Poor lighting, but whatever.


I layed next to the fire in the congregation room for 45 minutes, not sure if I slept or not. Then at some point after that the sun came up and we were back to photographing.


^ I took this picture outside the castle of what resembles a ring fort, I don’t really know if it is though.

Then I went to the stables, which is not actually owned by Dudley or Bonnie. The stables are decaying and falling down quite quickly, which is a shame. This is the inside view of the entrance to them.


I went back into the castle, had some bread, and wandered down to the dungeon and servants’ quarters.

This is the hallway that gets you there, the whole castle is based on optical illusions and symmetry (shrinking hallways, secret passages, doors that aren’t doors at all that just function to balance the aesthetics, etc.). It’s like a John Malkovich hallway that makes you think it’s getting smaller but all the heights of the ceilings are the same.


Here’s a photo I made on the way to the dungeon, it’s the servants’ kitchen where they prepared food for the people who lived in the castle.


Some rooms in the castle still don’t have electricity and this room was kept dark, this was a 12 minute exposure (during the day). My tripod moved during that time, but I still like the image.

This hallway then goes on to the servants quarters, then out to the chapel courtyard.




Then I photographed this statue.


Then I headed in to “Harriet’s staircase.” Harriet was the daughter of the 3rd Earl of Charleville, she died after she went up to her room to wash her hands and tried sliding down the banister of the staircase. She fell from the rail directly in the front of this picture below,


and died at the bottom. She was eight when it happened.


This picture was taken from only 2 floors up, it keeps going. I took some color photographs in her nursery but I haven’t gotten them developed yet. It’s difficult finding a place in Ireland to do that, anyone know of a good place for 4×5?

Anyways, we then took off around 4 pm, deliriously exhausted.



We’re putting together a book of all of our work from the Castle and hoping to get it published it sometime soon, through the college here. There are six of us editing the book (2 photo, 2 text, and 2 overall) and hope to have it done this next week. Should be grand!


We went to Galway the next day because it was a bank holiday. We basically just took the day to relax from such an experience at the castle.

I mainly hung out with my buddy Ryan for the day.

We had breakfast in the main shopping center because it was raining out. We had coffee and talked until it stopped.

galway-ryangalway-me(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

We walked around a bit, checking out the Halloween shops and wandering. Then we decided to just photograph, Ryan forgot his camera so he borrowed mine.

We ran into Mike, and he joined us.

me-mike(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

me-mike-quays(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

me-pic(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

We wandered around basically until we got hungry. There were a ridiculous amount of overly friendly birds by the bay.

swans(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

Then we actually did get hungry and headed back into town.

reflecting-sun(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

We went to Rodeo, it’s my favorite restaurant in Galway. Amazing.



^ That’s Ryan.



^ And that’s Mike.

We had a cigarette outside, then headed to Dunne’s for groceries.

me-photo-mike(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

mike-after-din(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

me-mike-escalate(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

night-pic(Photograph by Ryan Geer)

Then we went home,


and got back to work.


Oh and I registered for these classes for next semester, anyone a fellow classmate?


Take care guys, hope all is well.



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