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Christmas in London.

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the holidays. 


We’ve been in London for a day and a half now, we were downtown all of yesterday but we’ll be stuck to South Croydon for today because of the national rail not running today.


We did quite the walking trip on our first day, didn’t use the tube at all. 


Take care.


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Happy Christmas.


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Hey Everybody!


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The Gents Arrive Tomorrow.

Plans for the next few weeks:


Meet Trev in Rob in Galway at 10:30 tomorrow morning,

meet up at night with Ashley and Laura for Aine’s party at Bar No. 8.

Come back to Ballyvaughan Thursday, climb mountains, cook dinner for everyone,

meet up with Lizzie and Ashley.

Friday and Saturday, back to  Galway.

Sunday, go to Dublin, leave Tuesday at 8:00 am for London.

Stay in South Croyden for Christmas, leave for Paris on the 28.


Meet up with Cecile, Lizzie, her cousin, Eliza, her sister, Phil, Tim, Rob’s friend Laura, Sarah and her two friends in Paris for New Year’s.

Come to Chicago January 5, leave for NYC on the 15, come back the 19.

I’m psyched.


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“Mind the Mountain” Exhibition at Burren College of Art

Hey everyone, the Mind the Mountain exhibition is now up at the Burren College of Art.

Everyone’s work turned out fantastic and the show as a whole was a success, I think.

Here are a few images from my part of the exhibition.

I’ll be posting all of my classmates work over the course of the next month so you can get an inside look as to what other work has been produced here throughout the semester.







The two rooms face each other, I don’t know if that came across in the pictures.

Sorry to cut it short, got a few more assignments to complete before I leave here. I’ll be sure to post again soon with everyone else’s work. E-mail me if you have any questions about the show.

Thanks for looking,


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BCA School Prom, 2008. Ballyvaughan.

The weeks of visitors are now over and our final exhibition is hung tomorrow.

Last night was our school prom, it was a night to remember.


I cut most of my hair off last night to clean up for prom.

He’s a picture from when my brother visited.


More soon, probably. Maybe. Probably.

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