The Gents Arrive Tomorrow.

Plans for the next few weeks:


Meet Trev in Rob in Galway at 10:30 tomorrow morning,

meet up at night with Ashley and Laura for Aine’s party at Bar No. 8.

Come back to Ballyvaughan Thursday, climb mountains, cook dinner for everyone,

meet up with Lizzie and Ashley.

Friday and Saturday, back to  Galway.

Sunday, go to Dublin, leave Tuesday at 8:00 am for London.

Stay in South Croyden for Christmas, leave for Paris on the 28.


Meet up with Cecile, Lizzie, her cousin, Eliza, her sister, Phil, Tim, Rob’s friend Laura, Sarah and her two friends in Paris for New Year’s.

Come to Chicago January 5, leave for NYC on the 15, come back the 19.

I’m psyched.



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