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Poster work.


I handed this in for my Social Problems in American Society class today.


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Meatt Halaustka.

225028-copyAbove photo: Meatt Halaustka

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A few recent pictures.

I made a few pictures this weekend.


3463769472_cf130e1867_oRitchie on his bed

3463478327_ba65130be2_oJoe singing in the rain

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Anna Shteynshleyger.

Lots of great and well-deserved things have been happening lately for a good teacher and friend, Anna Shteynshleyger .

There’s a post about Anna on Brian Kain’s blog that I liked. And apparently she has a new website up, too.

Oh and she got a Guggenheim (whoa!), there will be a solo show of the work at the Renaissance Society in early 2010.


“Severed” from new work City of Destiny by Anna Shteynshleyger

Congratulations, Anna!

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Polite Irish.


An old photograph from the first few days in Ireland. Taken in late August, 2008.

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Pete Halupka.

Pete Halupka is making some great photographs that really make me excited for him and his progress through this work.


This is my favorite of the ones he’s shown me. I can’t seem to get it out of my head, which hasn’t happened in awhile. I like that.


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A Brothers Austin News Update.

My brother Jeff and I are going to Europe in May. The plans have been finalized to:

Ireland – Shannon, Galway, Ballyvaughan

Belgium – Brussels, Bruges

The Netherlands – Rotterdam, Amsterdam

Germany – Berlin, Munich

Austria – Vienna

Switzerland – Basel, Zurich

France – Gentilly, Paris

Also, Jeff’s been drawing. They’re all done freehand.





E-mail him and let him know what you think, if you want.

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