For some reason, I felt the need to scan most of the things that I have on me right now.

So I will show you them.


I get to use this in 7 days. 



It’s been sitting in my wallet for 5 months.


Which is ironic because I’m going to Europe with my brother, and I’ve kept this slide of my brother in my wallet since March of 2007.


jeffIt was taken at a Steak and Shake at 2:30 am in Jacksonville, Florida.


Jeff works at Julius Meinl, a coffee shop in Lincoln Square. I collect the paper coasters every time I visit him at work.



Guess how many times I’ve visited him.


One of the times was this past Sunday,  Mother’s Day. We went there after we ate pizza for lunch and I made this drawing.


Which reminded me of how poor I draw, which reminded me of this drawing that I made while I was in Ireland.



Thinking about Ireland made me excited again to smoke European tobacco,

since I’ve been back, I’ve had this.


tobaccowhich is actually really good. But, it doesn’t compare to Irish Old Holborn.


I met Eliza in Ireland, who wrote me this note of drawings when she and Lizzy visited Chicago.


I don’t know where this leaf came from, other than off the Darkroom floor in the Ex-Tec lab.



Also having to do with things I don’t know, I carved it into my journal the other day as a reminder.


It looked a lot better when it was first done, now it’s been flattened in my bag.


In terms of things I do know, Aidan and I will be co-teaching a digital photography class at Jones College Prep High School in June and July. I’m really excited for it.

I also know that I’m tired.






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4 responses to “EUR-eka!

  1. lizzy d.

    i love the drawing you made in ireland. 🙂

  2. Sebastian

    And I thought the last Julius Meinl shop is in the center of Vienna :O

  3. Suzan

    Dude, this is an awesome entry! I like the whole artifact theme going on here!

  4. Asher


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