They are busy.

There are two new video works on the Being Beings site,

and I love them.

Asher and Mike have been hard at work making new pieces

and making plans to make more.

I’m really enjoying how their work makes me think about different ideas

as their collaboration progresses. I can’t help but to consider their work

in the context of strong relationships and intimacy

as they become more brotherly in their camaraderie.

It’s really powerful work, I think.

When I watch the videos, my brain goes back and forth between

paying attention and thinking about all the things

I’ve wished I’d done over the past 22 years, but haven’t.

It’s as if they’re re-living their art-childhood in their videos,

but with a clever and knowledgeable foundation

and the excitement of a new-found dynamic in brotherhood.

I think being able to see the product of their merged ideas

in the form of these videos is refreshing,

being subjected to their playful respect for one another.

I like what’s going on with that duo, I’m excited to see what’s next.

Nicely done, boys.



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