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@Paris Exhibition.

The people of Mus-Mus and @600 are having an online exhibition

about Paris, France called @Paris.

The exhibition is juried by Stephen Shore, Gil Blank and Denise Wolff.

One of my photographs from Paris has been selected for that exhibition,

this one…




I saw that two of my buddies are also in the exhibition:

a fellow Chicago photographer Kevin Malella,

and my friend Vincent Bitaud from Gentilly, France.


Congratulations boys!


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One of my images, 11 moons and July 5th Fireworks (below),

was added to the blog created by Amy Elkins and Clayton Cotterell called Wanderlustagraphy.



It’s a blog that appreciates nomadic, wandering, travel photography. Check it out.

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Thank You.

Thanks so much to everyone that came out to the Co-Prosperity Sphere last night,

I thought it was a really great turnout.

And thanks again to Caitlin and Aron for putting that all together,

I think it turned out to be a fantastic show.

I’ll see some of you who plan to go to the cookout today,

it runs from 11am to 6pm!

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Thax Douglas.

Today, I photographed local Chicago legend/poet (poet-egend) Thax Douglas.

We met at Wicker Park fest when Elvis Perkins was playing.

You probably have seen and heard Thax read his poetry

before bands start their sets in Chicago, as he did for Elvis Perkins that night.

After photographing him,

we got coffee at Letizia’s on Division and talked for awhile.

Thax thoughtfully wrote a poetic portrait of me in return for my photograph,

you can read it here.

Thanks for hanging out Thax, let’s do that again soon.

I’ll put the portraits I made on here as soon as I get them developed and scanned.

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Co-Pro Show.


You should go!

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Marlon Rabenreither.

I stumbled upon Marlon Rabenreither’s work and really enjoyed a lot of it. The only source of his work I could find is his flickr, here.

Here are a few of the ones I liked.





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Offshoot Magazine.

A few of my photos were used in this publication called Offshoot.

come as you are

The magazine is put on by Melanie Richards, I like her ideas.

Check out the first issue here, lots of great contributions from all around the world.

Nice work Melanie!

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