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Erin Treacy.

A friend of mine from Ireland,

Erin Treacy, recently recieved a Fulbright U.S. Student Scholarship

for her paintings and to pursue a project in the West of Ireland.

A-2painting by Erin Treacy (above image)

Erin is readily updating a blog on her experience of the scholarship process

to help others who are interested in the grant

in gaining a better understanding of the application process

and the pursuit of work throughout the duration of the project.

I think this is an unbelievably generous act for Erin to do,

those who are interested in a Fulbright, do take notes. I will be.



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Back in Town.

Hey peeps, the boys are back from Nevada and school is in session again.

jeff silhouetee

Image above: Jeff in the Black Rock Desert

I’m pretty sure things are going to get quite busy so this blog might slow down, but might not.

I’m hoping to put most of my free time into re- designing/organizing my website.

I’ll keep you posted on that as it develops.

Me and Jeff will be heading to Buffalo, NY in two weeks for

Grandma’s 80th B-Day!

I haven’t been to Buffalo in a few years,

but I’m looking forward to bringing my camera

and revisiting some locations that hold weird childhood memories.

Jeff and I have been planning to make some of those images

for a long time now, so that’s exciting.

I hope all is well.

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