Erin Treacy.

A friend of mine from Ireland,

Erin Treacy, recently recieved a Fulbright U.S. Student Scholarship

for her paintings and to pursue a project in the West of Ireland.

A-2painting by Erin Treacy (above image)

Erin is readily updating a blog on her experience of the scholarship process

to help others who are interested in the grant

in gaining a better understanding of the application process

and the pursuit of work throughout the duration of the project.

I think this is an unbelievably generous act for Erin to do,

those who are interested in a Fulbright, do take notes. I will be.



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2 responses to “Erin Treacy.

  1. Lizzy Dargie


    i just found her blog too. and agree that she is wonderful for being so willing to share her experience. 🙂

    miss you.

  2. Matt, I meant to thank you for your generous words- super sweet! Enjoy

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