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Rachal Duggan.

Rachal Duggan just started a new blog that she’s been updating

frequently with new awesome drawings like this one.


Check out the RADblog here!


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Tim Davis.

A few weeks ago, Pete sent me a link to the new work by Tim Davis.

Abusivoabove image by Tim Davis

I’ve gone back to look through it a number of times and I think I like it more every time I do.

Check out The New Antiquity here.

Thanks Pete.

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Proud Flesh.

Sally Mann‘s new book Proud Flesh is an intimate collection of images 

of her husband that refer to his depressing story of having muscular dystrophy.

The images contain a sensitive view toward the physical nature of his body,

while the process of producing wet-plate collodion negatives 

emphasize the depressing truths of his deteriorating figure.



A more thorough and intelligent review of the book is right here.

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Jones Photographic Society.

Aidan and I are running a new program at Jones College Prep,

the Jones Photographic Society.


Check out our blog here if you want, participation is encouraged.

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Sebastian Kerekes.

Awhile ago, Sebastian stopped posting his photographs on a different blog.

Yet, apparently he started a new one that he posts on frequently.




Check out his photography of Vienna and his travels here,

very clever pictures.



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