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My brother and his roommate Tom Meyer make up the duet band called A(a)rdvark.

I took a few snaps at their house show at the Manor on Saturday night.

They just released a free demo to all that are interested. I suggest you request one or listen via the internet.

You can find two of the songs, Mickey Mantle and Anteater at

and the song Peppa Dew at


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Kevin Van Aelst.

This dude‘s work is really awesome. Found it on the Hey Hot Shot Blog.

One Heart Beat by Kevin Van Aelst

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Leaving for NY on Wednesday, Boston on Saturday.

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I just fell asleep at the computer,


My Website’s updated.

(Thank y0u, Trev.)

Good Morning.


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Jeff Austin (my bro).

I just photographed a few of my brother’s paintings yesterday

so he can submit them to various gallery exhibitions.


Here they are:











I’m going to try to make a portfolio site for him soon, 

I’ll post that when it happens.


Also, I think that even I am becoming bored of my own blog.

I think I’m going to change the structure or something, anything, something, soon.


Maybe I’ll just go back to posting unnecessary amounts of photographs again.



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