crop of embossed cover © Matt Austin 2009

Wake is the title of the body of work that I’ve recently wrapped up into the first half of what will be a two-chapter story.

I recently received the InFocus grant to help complete the rest of the work; you can read the running statement for the project at their website.

I decided to make some pictures of the first copy of the “book.” The work is actually encased in a handmade box that reads like a book, as shown below.

Please don’t mind the uneven lighting coming from my window.

cover © Matt Austin 2009

view of open box © Matt Austin 2009

frontispiece spread © Matt Austin 2009

title page © Matt Austin 2009

“Backseat to Buffalo” journal entry spread © Matt Austin 2009

“Richie” © Matt Austin 2009

© Matt Austin 2009

© Matt Austin 2009

© Matt Austin 2009

"Excerpt from Dad's e-mail" © Matt Austin 2009

Mom and Dad © Matt Austin 2009

For now, I plan on making between 5 and 10 copies and circulating them like a library would, with a due date of two or three weeks or so.

The book consists of 45 spreads, roughly 85 pages, split fairly evenly between text and image; it takes some time to finish.

Unfortunately, this personal experience of the book will be available to only Chicagoans for now.

However, I’ve created a low resolution PDF version of the book for the non-Chicagoans that are interested in reading it.

If you would like to be a part of any of this, please e-mail me through the contact section of my website or at mattaustinphoto@gmail.com.



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7 responses to “WAKE.

  1. elizamurphy

    wow! did you make it by yourself?

  2. SpanishJohnny

    this looks really nice. i like the storytelling element and the prints looks really well done. i hope i get a few print done too.

  3. Matt, this looks so wonderful. What a great idea. Congratulations.

  4. Hey man, congrats on the project. Could you hit me up with a PDF copy of your work? Also due to your recent announcement of Facebook Suicide I would like to continue further talks about future shows with you. Good luck in the new year to come

    Nick Jones

  5. Darling, wonderful work. I’d like to check this shit out. Let me know.

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