Hey again,

I wanted to post some more shots of what I’ve been up to lately, and some of the gang here.

I’ve been notified by the photo nerdry (Rob and Trev) that the files do look weird. I’ve also been notified that they are coming out to visit me in December for a friends-travel-across-Europe-for-New Year’s special event. Yes!

I understand and apologize for the scans and mis-calibration. But anyways, here are a few of what I’ve done lately.

Here are my buds in the painting studio, we hang out here because it has a heater.

This is Mike at my computer while we were getting discouraged at how many great calls for work we’re missing out on while we’re here. Everyone should take advantage of those, you have nothing to lose! I’m going to do my best to try and submit, but we will see.

Check these out and submit! Really good opportunities here to get your work seen by great jurors.

Around the Coyote

Critical Encounters: Human/Nature

Trapped in a Nutshell

Take care,



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